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Mushroom hunting

2011 February 24

When the season is right, if one steps in any kind of forest (more info on forests in “Where do I find wild edible mushrooms”) he or she will most probably find plenty of mushrooms there. Many of them will not be edible mushrooms. The greatest and tastiest edible wild mushrooms hide themselves away.

They hide from insects, animals and humans.

They use any possible mean to hide themselves – by coloring their caps into colors of fallen leaves or old broken trees and branches, they hide among the grass, under the leaves and old fallen trees. So, one must be careful and persistent. That’s called mushroom hunting!

The fresh morning air helps to feel mushrooms aroma, sun rays give favorable lightening for finding mushrooms, and this morning forest silence…oh, it’s so quiet that you can hear your own thoughts. Just some bird will occasionally break this silence flying among the trees or wild animal will cross your path or jump away from you. The forest wakes up.

Your whole body concentrates – the nose smells the air carefully, eyes look closely on the ground looking for the familiar mushroom shapes, with the help of a wooden stick hands help to move branches of trees, bushes, leaves on the ground. You are stepping slowly to give yourself time to check every inch of the ground around you. Only patient and careful person succeeds. Look and you will find it! What joy and happiness you feel when all your efforts pay off and you find an edible mushroom! Once you make sure that this mushroom is really an edible one – you are twice as happy.

Mushroom hunting is not an easy task but once you succeed you want more, you have this itching wish to find them again and you start to love these mornings in the forest. And when the new season comes you cannot sit at home, you are out hunting for mushrooms again.

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  1. Robin permalink
    August 23, 2011

    I want to learn more. I live in an abundant mushroom woodland and want to know what to eat and NOT.

    • Anastasia permalink*
      September 28, 2011

      Robin, you are so lucky! :) It seems there is no much competition from other mushroom lovers and you are free to collect all edibles to yourself! It’s a dream life :)
      I would advise you to look through the pages of this blog to get some hints how to learn the tasty edible mushrooms. For example, you could start with post “Where do I find wild edible mushrooms?

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